Here you will find resources providing greater detail into the steps and processes behind key customer activities. While these videos use the Darche website as an example, please note that the steps and processes are the same across all business areas.


The Admin Portal

Logging into the Admin Portal

As a Charles Parsons employee, you have access to the Admin Portal, enter '/admin' at the end of this website domain - or simply click here. Do not attempt to login via the SIGN IN / REGISTER button as this is for customers only. If you have forgotten your login details, click on the 'Forgot your password?' link to request a password reset email.

The 'Login as a User' feature

From time to time, it can be a lot easier to assist customers when we can see the website from their perspective. For this purpose, the Admin Portal offers a 'Login as a User' feature. Here are some instructions:

  1. Login to the Admin Portal being careful to ensure you have the correct domain based on the customer (i.e. for an Australian customer and for a New Zealand customer).
  2. Navigate to the Customer User's record by either:
    * Going to the Customer (business entity) details page (via Customers > Customers) and clicking through on the user under the Customer Users tab, OR
    * Searching for the user directly (by name and / or email) via Customers > Customer Users.
  3. Once in the Customer User's record, click on the Login as a User button located on the top right. This will open a new tab in your browser and log you into the site as the corresponding Customer User. At the top of the browser window you will see a blue strip with 'Impersonation mode: Logged in as <Customer User Name>'.


Activating Accounts

Activating Existing Customer Accounts

See how our existing customers gain access to the website.
DO NOT share externally.

B2B Customer Registrations

Covers the process when new B2B customers register via the site.
DO NOT share externally.



Customer has completed the Activate Account form but can't login. A message says the account is locked

The user has not confirmed their email address after completing the form. They will have an email in their inbox with the subject "Welcome to Charles Parsons Interiors". Instruct them to open the email and click on the link. This will confirm their email address and allow them access to the site.



User Guide: How to Place an Order

This video takes customers through the process of placing an order.
SHARE with your customers using this link:


The Customer's order has been given a Status 33

There are a number of reasons why an order will go to Status 33:

  • The order includes line item:
    • where there is insufficient stock locally to fulfil the order
    • with a back in stock date <14 days
    • that is Indented Stock
  • The Customer has done any of the following at checkout:
    • Added 'Ship no earlier than' date
    • Entered notes
    • Selected the FULL ROLL ONLY option


Using the 'Account' Section

Customer Account Functionality

Once logged in, see what features are available to customers in the 'Account' section of the site.
DO NOT share externally.

Customer Account Change Requests

Covers the end-to-end flow when customers lodge a change request (e.g. request a change to their delivery address details).
DO NOT share externally.